How Can Your Landscape Affect Your Property Value? 

Curb appeal greatly contributes to how prospective homebuyers see your property. Once you have a neglected landscape, this can be the reason why your property value diminishes. Also, this can be possibly more discouraged instead of getting thrilled to come in and check out your house. In fact, well-maintained and attractive landscaping in Lompoc can incorporate as much as 10 percent to your home value. The basic rule for this would be to begin preparing your yard 1 month before holding an open house or placing your property on the market to provide you ample time to improve your lawn. Below are some tips to help you with that: 


Clean water features 

If you’re planning to leave water features like birdbaths, fountains, and ponds behind for the new owners, make sure to clean them out before the house showing. See to it that you scrub the bird droppings and algae, remove any branches, acorns, and leaves, and run some bleach through the system.  

Shape your shrubs 

When your bushes and shrubs look quite overgrown, make sure to give them some trim using hedge clippers and remove all the dead branches to define the shape. You wouldn’t want some bushes that will hide your home’s aesthetic. Make sure to keep up a polished appearance to display a property that’s properly maintained.  

Label your flowers and plants 

If you have some extra time, do something nice for your prospective home buyers by labeling your flowers and plants. This simple gesture can let them know the names of every plant you have. This can be useful since your potential buyers can do some research about such species and look for ways to maintain them later on. Also, you can make a scrapbook of your plant inventory that includes all of the flowers or plants that you have in your lawn. You can also put some brief explanations about what they are and how to take care of them. At showings and open houses, the interested clients can leaf through it.  

Plant seasonal colors 

It isn’t that costly to pick up some annuals or flats, hence, select some in different styles and colors. You may have to utilize complementary colors to match your house, go for a monochromatic tone, or stick with bright and contrasting colors. This way, your prospective buyers are sure to see them while making their way into your house. Line walkway with flowers and low-lying grasses for additional dimension.  

Apply a new layer of mulch 

Refreshing the mulch in your shrub and garden areas will surely make wonders and improve your curb appeal. Regardless if you opt for dark or red cedar mulch, an easy mulch application can provide new life into your front lawn as it adds a hint of fresh color, bringing out stark details and contrasts. Mulch is a cost-effective way to attain this color contrast as you add definition to your garden beds as well.