Msvcr100.dll Is Missing or Not Found Errors

If the file, msvcr100.dll is corrupted or removed from the computer, msvcr100.dll error will appear. There are several aspects which will lead to the error. The windows registry issue, virus or malware and hardware issue are some of the aspects which have profound impact on the generation of error message. If you follow the careful steps given below, the issue can be overcome very easily.

msvcr100.dll img

Fixing the error

  • Before fixing the msvcr100.dll error, you can restart the computer. If the system is working normally, there will not be any issues. If you are unable to start the system normally, it can be started in safe mode.
  • Download and run Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 service pack 1. The redistributable package MFC security update can fix the issue. When you install the update, the replacement or restoration will take place in a very efficient way. The most recent copy will be provided by the Microsoft.
  • There are several download options from the Microsoft website. The option should be exercised based on the version of the Windows OS.
  • Apart from the solutions that are discussed above, you can also try to restore the msvcr100.dll file from the recycle bin. If the file is deleted accidentally, it will be restored in an effortless manner.
  • The system restore option can be exercised if any changes are made recently. By restoring the issue to the previous good working condition, the issue will be resolved.
  • If you suspect the file is deleted by you accidentally (or) if the file is deleted from the recycle bin as well, you can accomplish the recovery of the file by using a file recovery program. If you are 100% confident that you had deleted the file, msvcr100.dll you should use the recovery option.
  • The virus or malware infection will also obstruct the functionality of the program as it can damage the msvcr100.dll.
  • It is possible to uninstall and reinstall a program if you suspect that the program is causing the issue.
  • Available Windows updates should be installed so that the functionality will be fine. There are many service packs and patches which might replace or update Microsoft distributed DLL files on your computer.
  • By using a registry cleaner, invalid msvcr100.dll registry entries can be removed. However, registry cleaners should be used as the last option.

Hardware issues

If there are any issues with the hardware or memory, they should be resolved so that msvcr100.dll can be overcome. In this context, you are advised to test the memory. A memory test can be conducted by running the software provided by the computer manufacturer. If there are any issues with the memory or hard drive, a quick replacement is an answer.

Repair installation

If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, you should explore startup repair or repair installation so that the issue will be resolved very easily. As you go for a clean installation, the issue should be resolved completely. If the issue is not resolved after a clean installation, you should understand that the problem is associated with the hardware.